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Take back control of your brand by creating and enforcing authorized selling and distribution policies that protect your brand value and provide superb customer service.


We help increase sales by driving high-quality traffic to product pages and improving on-page conversions via stellar content, data-driven organic SEO, and stats-based marketing.


We help grow your sales by fully optimizing Pay-Per-Click advertising and maximizing ROI. Scale distribution of your products to new marketplaces and growing markets.

Identification of Amazon sellers by our Amazon Enforcement Team is achieved by using tools that are rooted in strategies and tactics honed during former careers and extensive education in both law enforcement and software engineering. Because our team is the only licensed investigative firm that can find these harmful unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters in volume and scale, our Amazon Enforcement Team has become the brand of choice for permanently removing them from the marketplaces.

Our brand specific approach helps our clients identify the real identities of sellers and then forces them down permanently…without relying upon the marketplaces assistance. This combined approach helps you to get control over your distribution channels, build credibility with your retailers, and protects your brands MAP pricing and valuable reputation.

Online counterfeiting is the illegal practice of making consumers believe that they are buying authentic goods, when in fact they are purchasing cheaply produced knockoffs of the real thing. According to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) online counterfeit sales have exceeded a half a trillion dollars annually.

It is no wonder that these sales have proliferated, given that major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are regular sales venues. Additionally, as website creation becomes increasingly automated and simple, many counterfeiters are creating their own websites for the sole purpose of making these illicit sales.

The quality of your reviews is one of the most significant factors determining the placement of your listing on Amazon. Products with excellent reviews receive higher prioritization with Amazon’s A9 algorithm, and those with poor feedback get pushed to the bottom. Ensuring you have chosen a stellar product while providing exceptional customer service are two factors that are crucial to your success and will protect your brand reputation on Amazon.

Digital Starship provides optimized product listings for your brand. Amazon listing optimization is the process of upgrading product pages to improve their search visibility, click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR) and finally generate more sales. This process includes: keyword discovery, optimizing listing text and image content and increasing number of reviews. At Digital Starship, we have years of expertise to keep up with Amazon’s ever-changing algorithms to keep your products ranking for higher sales.

Like A+ EMC, enhanced brand content allows you the chance to really appeal to potential customers by going deeper with your product descriptions. It allows you to tell your brand story, giving customers a window in to who you are and what you are all about. Providing people with an opportunity to get to know you is the first step in establishing the sort of trust that is at the heart of every good buyer/seller relationship.

As Amazon continues to put more and more focus on customer experience, brands and businesses will need to increase focus on managing Amazon reputation. The problem is, Amazon is pretty specific about how you go about communicating with customers, encouraging reviews, and how you manage your reviews. Count on our expertise for your Amazon review management.

Keywords research means identifying the actual queries and search terms that people enter into search engines to find products according to their need. It’s necessary for Amazon sellers to find the related keywords within a specific marketplace to improve the ranks of their products in order to get more sales. Digital Starship not only does careful keyword research, but we have our proprietary strategies and blueprint to get you ranked for higher sales.

Amazon PPC (also known as Sponsored Products) is a well-known advertising platform to help sellers amplify their product sales online. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a method where an advertiser pays only for the advertisement that a potential buyer clicks and views the product. Digital Starship helps you increase product & keyword rankings through a customized sponsored Ads strategy. We build a customized PPC strategy which drives right traffic to your product listings.

When you choose Digital Starship as your Amazon marketing agency, you’ll receive the benefit of our experience and expertise. We know Amazon Sponsored Ads inside and out. We’ll put all of that skill to work straight away for you. We help by auditing, creating a strategy and optimizing our proven Ad Campaign Blueprint.

It goes by many names — cross-border commerce, borderless business, international online retail. But more important than what it is, is what it isn’t. Global ecommerce and distribution is not a luxury. It’s not one strategy among many. Going global is a necessity. Consult with us to find the best strategy for your brand to manage your global distribution.

Strategize not just on Amazon, but also eBay and Walmart and international platforms. To be as profitable as possible on these platforms, you need to first identify the best online marketplaces for your brand.

Each online marketplace has its own unique requirements, product categories, listing fees, and audiences. So if you want to be sure you’re making the right decision, some upfront research is necessary. Leapfrog your understanding of the different strategies for selling on marketplaces by leveraging Digital Starship’s years of expertise.